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Dr. Tetus Mau Chit Yung




Pre-fellowship host institute

Laval University

Host institute

Tokyo Institute of Technology Graduate School of Bioscience and Biotechnology

Host researcher

Dr. HANADA Hiroshi

Fellowship period

2003/07/23 - 2005/07/22

Research field

Biological Sciences


Research title

Investigation of the Regulation of Transcription Elongation Using Fluorescent Protein Technologies


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

As my mother is Japanese, I wished to gain more experience in Japan.

Research achievements

I am almost ready to start writing 2 articles for work conducted during the past 1 and a half year.

Advice to new fellows

I believe that the most important thing for new fellows to truly enjoy their stay in Japan is to keep an open mind. Two years is too short and we have a tremendous amount of learning to do. I hope that new fellows can go home having gained experience that cannot be acquired elsewhere in the world. Of course, what these are, will only be a matter of personal views. My very best wishes to all.