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Dr. Silvia Tartarini




Pre-fellowship host institute

Korea Foundation

Host institute

University of the Ryukyus, Faculty of Law and Letters

Host researcher

Dr. KARIMATA Shigehisa

Fellowship period

2003/11/26 - 2005/11/25

Research field



Research title

Writing in the Ryukyuan Languages-Interaction between the Sino-Japanese Writing System and Ryukyuan


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

Research achievements

Advice to new fellows

As Japanese studies is my major, Japan is for me the ideal place to research. During my first year in Japan I have concentrated my activities on attending seminars on my research subject (Writing systems in the Ryûkyû. I have been warmly welcomed by the Professors of Ryûkyûan studies, and they have guided me towards a deeper understanding of their respective fields. I have also made research trips to Kyoto, Sakishima Islands, South Korea, Fukuoka and Hokkaidô, to collect other research material and to achieve a clearer view of the historico-politico-linguistical position of the Ryûkyûs in East Asia. I have summarized my research achievements in the paper "On the introduction of writing and its use in the Kingdom of Ryûkyû", and submitted it to Asiatica Venetiana, journal published by the University of Venezia, Italy, to appear on their next issue. My advice to new fellows is to always maintain a positive approach and try to understand their new environment, constantly working to maintain a very open mentality: this will help them befriend Japan and the Japanese people, and achieve a suitable environment for their research, as well as avoid misunderstandings, which could induce stress and frustration for fellows and supervisors.