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Dr. Nadine Richard




Pre-fellowship host institute

French International High-School of Bangkok

Host institute

Research Organization of Information and Systems

Host researcher

Prof. Seiji YAMADA

Fellowship period

2005/09/15 - 2007/03/14

Research field

Engineering Sciences (Artificial Intelligence/Affective Computing)


Research title

Investigate the connections between the emotional system of an autonomous adaptive agent, and the continuous interaction of the agent with the environment. Integrate a dynamic emotional architecture into a Learning Classifier System. Application: a "personal coach" (TamaCoach), which helps the user in handling her/his personal and professionnal agendas


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

I have always been attracted by Japan, but also afraid of living in such a different environment. During my first stay in Japan, as a JSPS Summer Program fellow in 2003, I discovered two surprising things: that I would enjoy living in Tokyo, and that conducting a research project at the frontier between Computer Science and Socio-psychology would be far much easier here than in France. Conditions for research are almost ideal for me since I arrived, thanks to my research institute, my host researcher and the JSPS. My only regret is that I did not have time to learn the language enough to be able to present my work in Japanese!

Research achievements

As for now, I had 3 papers accepted for international workshop, where I have been invited to present my work. The prototype of our system is under development and should be released in a couple of months.

Advice to new fellows

Try to learn basic Japanese to better understand the culture, and to visit Japan outside big cities (where English is rather useless). Enjoy each season and their various festivals and activities, because time is passing really quickly. And if you like teaching, sign-up for the JSPS Science Dialog Program.