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Dr. Benjamin Cyriel Pfeuty




Pre-fellowship host institute

University Rene Descartes

Host institute

The University of Tokyo Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Host researcher

Prof. Kunihiko KANEKO

Fellowship period

2006/06/06 - 2008/06/05

Research field

Biological Sciences


Research title

Theoretical Study of Cell Size Homeostasis: How Cells Coordinate Growth and Division


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

I came to Japan for many reasons which are quite difficult to dissociate. My choice was primarily driven by the opportunity to run an attractive project within a high-level research team. I also guess that my subconscious was pushing me to a cultural environment at odds with mine.

Research achievements

Growth and division are two crucial functions of living cells. With Kaneko Sensei, we have developed simple models to unravel the general principles under which cell growth and cell division are coordinated in unicellular and multicellular organisms. Deciphering such coordination seems fundamental to deepen our understanding of how tissue homeostasis is maintained and could fail in the case of cancer. Thanks to the JSPS fellowship, I have attended to international conferences and schools. One paper has been published and hopefully others should follow.

Advice to new fellows

Japan is, for me, both a disconcerting and a fascinating country. An open mind is very welcome to surmount and enjoy the cultural gap. Since time flies so fast, do not wait the last week of your fellowship to learn "nihongo" and to experience the subtle flavors and colors of Japan.