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Dr. Matthias Frey




Pre-fellowship host institute

ETH Zurich

Host institute

Tokyo Institute of Technology

Host researcher

Prof. Akira Matsuzawa

Fellowship period

2006/09/01 ~ 2008/03/31

Research field

Engineering Sciences


Research title

Design and implementation of corrected A/D and D/A converters uning implecise elements and digital correction


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

I had a long-term interest in Asia and more particular in Japan as I have been practicing Judo since childhood. I wrote my Master's thesis in Tokyo, and I wanted to come back here to learn more Japanese and understand the culture better. Last but not least, I was also interested in Japan for research as it is technologically very advanced.

Research achievements

To be honest, not many. I had to change research topics several times, and there were not many discussions or collaborations with my colleagues or with my advisor. As I tried to get start with a slightly different field, I would have needed more support.

Advice to new fellows

Learn as much Japanese as possible! If there is time, I would recommend to study Japanese before coming to Japan in order to get a head-start. Adjusting to a new culture can be tough and tiring - newcomers should consider that and also spend time on getting used to the new environment.

Japan has some amazing spots for travelling and sightseeing - in terms of nature as well as cultural heritage sites. Furthermore, the public transport is very reliable and convenient, and it's a safe country. All in all: perfect for sightseeing!