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Dr. Keirsse Julie




Pre-fellowship host institute

University of Rennes 1

Host institute

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology Institute for Human Science and Biomedical Engineering

Host researcher

Dr. HYODO Koji

Fellowship period

2003/10/11 - 2005/03/06

Research field

Interdisciplinary and Frontier Science


Research title

Basic-study on advanced sensing probe for in vivo monitoring of biological molecules for clinical medecine and in vivo neurochemistry


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

The reasons are both personal and professional. First, I was interested by living a professional experience abroad. It is well known that conditions of work in Japanese research institutes are really good and, so really attractive. To finish, coming in Japan is a good opportunity to discover a culture really different from mine. It is an interesting challenge!

Research achievements

My research in Japan gave me the opportunity to establish collaboration between a French lab and my lab in Japan. I have been, in one year and a half, to 2 international conferences to present my research works and 2 articles have been written.

Advice to new fellows

If I had only one advice to give, it will be to learn Japanese language! This will be first very useful in your daily life of course, but also it will give you the opportunity to meet Japanese people and so better discover and understand the Japanese culture. May be everything will be different from your own culture so, be attentive to everything around you, to understand the way of life and the culture.