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Dr. Jan Jurcak




Pre-fellowship host institute

Astronomical Institute of the Academy of Sciences of the Czech Republic

Host institute

National Astronomical Observatory of Japan

Host researcher

Prof. S. Tsuneta and Prof. Tetsuya Watanabe

Fellowship period

2006/11/29 - 2008/11/28

Research field

Mathematical and Physical Sciences


Research title

LTE inversion technique applied to the photosphere of sunspots


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

There were two main reasons. First, just before commencement of my fellowship the Japanese space agency launched a satellite that was observing the type of data I am interested in. Second, Tokyo was one of the few places where my spouse could also found a post-doc position.

Research achievements

Due to the high quality of the analysed data, I was able to publish three papers as a first author and there are other papers in press where I am a second author. The results were also presented at international meetings in Europe and USA. I established a lot of useful contacts amongst Japanese researchers and I hope to continue to collaborate with them in the future.

Advice to new fellows

Do not forget to live in Japan. It is a unique opportunity to explore this beautiful country. Try to experience the completely different Japanese culture. I recommend you travel a lot and visit as many natural sights and historical places as possible.