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Dr. Jimmy Or




Pre-fellowship host institute

University of Alberta

Host institute

Waseda University School of Science and Engineering

Host researcher


Fellowship period

2003/04/01 - 2005/03/31

Research field

Interdisciplinary and frontier sciences


Research title

Biologically Inspired Imitation Learning for a High Degree of Freedom Humanoid Robot


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

There are several reasons why I have chosen Japan for conducting my research. Firstly, I have been to Japan many times since I was a child. I am fascinated by the "neat and cute" inventions. Secondly, I know from my experience as a Masters student at the University of Tokyo that Japanese labs provide me with excellent facilities for innovative, frontier research. Finally, Japan is a nation of great technological advances, especially in the field of humanoid robotics.

Research achievements

I have been here for a year and a half and already I have made several technological inventions. The most important has been a belly dancing entertainment robot, which I invented during my first year. The robot is unique because it is the world's first flexible spine humanoid robot which is capable of moving its spine dynamically without falling. This breakthrough led to an interview from Nature and other magazines. I have published two journal papers and there are a few more papers under review, and I have also presented my research at a top international conference. I owe a big part of my success to my host Prof. Atsuo Takanishi. He has an open mind and is very kind to foreign researchers. The members of his lab are also very supportive during my stay at Waseda University. I am very lucky to have them as my colleagues.

Advice to new fellows

This is the best chance to pursue your dream research. Keep working! Time is running out! May the force be with you!