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Dr. Jose Geraldo Alves Brito Neto




Pre-fellowship host institute

Sao Paulo University

Host institute

Science University of Tokyo Faculty of Science and Technology

Host researcher

Prof. Masanori HAYASE

Fellowship period

2005/10/15 2007/10/14

Research field



Research title

Improvement of Porous Si Support Catalyst Layer for Ultra Thin Fuel Cell with Si Electrodes


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

I had already met my host researcher previously and, thus, knew that he was working in an area in which I was interested. Moreover, the work conditions in Japan are very good and I already had some knowledge of the Japanese language.

Research achievements

My research is about the application of MEMS technology to the production of fuel-cell components. More specifically, we are studying ways to employ porous silicon as a base material for the production of such components and the evaluation of their performance by electrochemical techniques. Methods for producing porous layers of different morphologies of Pt, Pd, Ru and Au were developed and micro-fuel cell designs employing such porous metals as catalyst are being studied by other members of our group. We are also studying methods to produce ion exchangers based on porous silicon.

Advice to new fellows

The working environment and the conditions for doing research in Japan are very good, thus you should have no problems reaching your research objectives here. You will find that some knowledge of the Japanese language is very useful and not too difficult to obtain.