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Dr. John Stephen Fossey




Pre-fellowship host institute

Department of Chemistry Queen Mary University of London

Host institute

Graduate School of Pharmaceutical Sciences, The University of Tokyo

Host researcher

Prof. Shu Kobayashi

Fellowship period

2004/4/1 2006/3/31

Research field



Research title

Transition metal catalysed asymmetric carbon-carbon bond forming transformations.


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

A number of factors influenced my final choice to carry out research in Japan. Firstly my decision was not really based on geography rather on quality of research, and in my eyes my current group, is one of the most prolific, influential and internationally respected in my field of interest. Secondly the opportunity to live and work in an environment which would given me a much broader life experience than I could perhaps gain elsewhere lead to my final selection of Prof. Kobayashi's group.

Research achievements

So far I have had the opportunity to present my work at the Pharmaceutical Society of Japan's annual conference and have submitted one research paper. Hopefully further articles will follow in due course.

Advice to new fellows

Besides work hard and the usual advice for working life, I would say try to take every possible chance to experience Japanese culture. Try to see, do, taste and try the things you may never have the chance to do again. Avoid the situation where you look back on your time in Japan with regrets, by experiencing as many new things as possible.