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Dr. Petrice Ronita Flowers




Pre-fellowship host institute

University of Minnesota

Host institute

The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences

Host researcher


Fellowship period

2002/10/01 - 2004/06/30

Research field

Social sciences


Research title

Strengthening Democratic Practices In Japan: International Norms and Domestic Policies


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

My specialty is Political Science/International Relations and I focus my research on Japan. I wanted to have the opportunity to spend a more extended period of time in Japan.

Research achievements

I have conducted field work for a new project related to the role of Japan's civil society in the government's decisions to adopt international law and am further considering how civil society influences compliance with the laws after they have been ratified by the government. I have also had the opportunity to conduct more research necessary to revising my dissertation into a book manuscript. I am currently completing the manuscript and will be submitting it for review to several university presses in the US this summer.

Advice to new fellows

My number one piece of advice is to use the fellowship opportunity not only to increase your knowledge of your field of research, but to also learn more about Japan and Japanese culture and how these two might relate to your research.