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Dr. Gad Mohamed El-Qady




Pre-fellowship host institute

Kyusyu University

Host institute

Kyushu University

Host researcher

Prof. Keisuke USHIJIMA

Fellowship period

2003/10/15 - 2005/10/14

Research field

Engineering Science


Research title

3D Imaging of UXO Using Electrical and Electromagnetic Methods


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

As you knew, Japanese institutions have stability in funding, planning and research implementation, which makes Japan a stable place to do research. An unstable research environment is reflected in the outcome of one's work. Given the good research environment and the high level of Japanese institutions, one of the main merits of doing research in Japan is the enhanced stimulus one receives in forming research concepts. Moreover, thanks to Japan's economic facilities, one is able to join many international conferences which enable direct contact and discussion with other professionals in the same field.

Research achievements

During the term of my fellowship in Japan, successfully I have improved many points:

  1. Updated my research background about UXO/landmines issue, not only in my country, but all over the world.
  2. Developed of prototype survey using TEM (time domain electromagnetic) for landmines and UXO. A paper was published at international imaging conference in Japan.
  3. Developed an algorithm for geoelectrical resistivity to be used for landmines/UXO detection. This is first time in the world to use DC resistivity for such work. A paper was published in an international conference (SAGEEP 2005)
  4. Application of the proposed techniques in landmines detection at the Egyptian minefields. That was conducted in cooperation and joint work I moderate with the Egyptian Embassy in Tokyo, Kyushu University and Tohoku University. A report of this work will be sent to JSPS later on with my other publications.
  5. A paper of this work was presented in an international conference for humanitarian was held in Japan organized by JSTA.

Advice to new fellows

Try as much as you can to seize the opportunity and enrich and broaden your research experience. At the same time, try to get close to the Japanese people and learn more about their culture, especially if it is your first time to be in Japan. Of course, you must practice Japanese and enhance your language skills. This will enable you to have much more cooperation with the Japanese institutions.