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Dr. Davide Mariotti




Pre-fellowship host institute

Sensor Technology and Devices

Host institute

National Institute of Advanced Industrial Science and Technology

Host researcher


Fellowship period

2005/09/21 - 2007/09/20

Research field

Mathematical and Physical Science


Research title

Microplasma processing for nanostructured materials


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

Essentially I came to Japan because it represented a good job opportunity to work on a project that I enjoy... and likely it was going to be an interesting experience both on the bad and on the good side. Now it revealed to be all that and honestly the positive aspects are winning over...

Research achievements

My work is giving me excellent results and satisfaction. I do the research I like and I believe that I have given some contribution to the understanding of microplasmas and on the possible application in nanostructure fabrication.

Advice to new fellows

Japan, as different as it can be (for western coltures), it is a country as many others. Live in Japan like you would live anywhere and try not to be a tourist ... push yourself a bit out of your way so that you can find the things that you may like most while living in Japan.