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Dr. Daryl Owen Schwenke



New Zealand

Pre-fellowship host institute

University of Otago

Host institute

National Cardiovascular Center Research Institute Department of Cardiac Physiology

Host researcher

Dr. MORI Hidezo

Fellowship period

2003/04/04 - 2005/04/03

Research field

Medical Sciences


Research title

The role of neuromodulators on cardiopulmonary reflexes


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research,
Research achievements and
Advice to new fellows

The JSPS offers the chance to participate in world-leading research in a country (i.e. Japan) that has remarkable facilities and equipment, as well as distinguished scientists in virtually all fields of science. The collaborative work that has been conducted by the research team that I am involved with has led to the publication of several manuscripts in reasonably reputable journals. In addition to the opportunities of doing research, Japan also has a unique culture, heritage and customs that can not be seen or experienced anywhere else in the world. I have been fortunate enough to experience the diversity of Japan's culture, ranging from learning the language (an absolute must!), to seeing sumo wrestling, to climbing Mt Fuji! As upcoming scientists, it is obviously important to make the most of the opportunity that the JSPS fellowship offers for furthering your international professional careers. However, I also believe it is important not to overlook the unique and numerous sites and experiences that Japan has to offer!