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Dr. Enache Madalin Iancu




Pre-fellowship host institute

Biological Institute of the Romanian Academy

Host institute

The Institute of Physical and Chemical Research

Host researcher

Prof. Takashi Itoh

Fellowship period

2004/05/07 2006/05/06

Research field

Biological Science


Research title

Systematic and Phylogenetic Studies on the Haloalkaliphilic


The reason for choosing Japan to conduct research

There were several reasons which guide me to choose Japan for my research activity. One of the most important reasons was the equipment and technology of the laboratories and, together with experienced supervisors, makes a highly scientific environment where I can learn a lot of things. Another reason was my desire to unravel the riddle of Japan society, culture and history in a country where tradition and modernity are parts of one continuum.

Research achievements

Here I can do research in the field of molecular biology which allows me to identify my isolates as new species of halophilic archaea. The preliminary results were presented by poster at two scientific conferences (one was international congress). The current research is related to a phylogeny of the haloalkaliphilic archaea based a protein-coding gene as an alternative to the widely-used 16S rRNA phylogeny.

Advice to new fellows

Japan is a place where you can find a uniquely and beautiful experience. You have an opportunity to learn from the good supervisors, to pursue your dreams for research activity, to find a spring for old tradition and culture. Please join to the life of Japan and try to be Japanese as much as possible.