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Invitation Fellowship Programs for Research in Japan


Short-term Invitation Fellow: Dr.Vincenzo Aquilanti
Host Researcher: Prof. Toshio Kasai
Host Institution: Graduate School of Science, Osaka University
Visit Period: From 23 June to 12 July (20 days)

Dr. Aquilanti is a professor of the University of Perugia in Italy. From the 1990s, he and Prof. Kasai have built a cooperative research relationship through attending conference together on basic research in chemical reaction and molecular beam science, visiting each other's countries, exchanging information on their research, and sharing related technologies.

This time, Dr. Aquilanti came to Japan under JSPS's Invitation Fellowship Program for Research in Japan (Short-term) to exchange ideas and information with Prof. Kasai and his team at Osaka University on the research theme "Stereodynamics of Gas-Phase and Surface Reactions: Direct Comparison between Theory and Experiment."

In the past, Dr. Aquilanti had already to come to Japan four or five times, one of them to attend an international conference at the Institute for Molecular Science, Okazaki National Research Institutes. His schedule this time included visits to Tohoku University, The University of Tokyo, and Okazaki National Research Institutes. On 4 July, he participated in an international workshop held at Osaka University.

There were many merits to inviting Dr. Aquilanti to Japan under the JSPS fellowship program. In addition to advancing joint research activities, seminars held on campus by him served to facilitate exchange between the students of the university and researchers from other institutions. All in all, his visit contributed significantly to both education and research at the host institution and the wider higher education community.

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Short-term Invitation Fellow: Dr.Vincenzo Aquilanti
Host Researcher: Prof. Toshio Kasai