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  Funded Programs

*The names of program coordinators at the time these programs ended being supported.

All-around category

# Program website Institution name Program
FY2011 A01 Graduate School of Advanced Leadership Studies, Kyoto University Kyoto University Shuichi Kawai
A02 Cross-Boundary Innovation Program Osaka University Kikuo Fujita
A03 Science for Development of Super Mature Society Keio University Fumihiko Kannari
FY2012 G01 Academy for Global Leadership (AGL) Tokyo Institute of Technology Satoshi Nakamura
G02 PhD Professional : Gateway to Success in Frontier Asia Nagoya University Naoshi Sugiyama
FY2013 P01

Global Leader Program for Social Design and Management

The University of Tokyo

Hideaki Shiroyama


Graduate Education and Research Training Program in Decision Science for a Sustainable Society

Kyushu University

Tetsukazu Yahara

Composite category(Environment)

# Program website Institution name Program
FY2011 B01 Graduate Program in Sustainability Science - Global Leadership Initiative The University of Tokyo  Takashi Mino 
B02 Academy for Co-creative Education of Environment and Energy Science(ACEEES) Tokyo Institute of Technology  Mutsuko Hatano 
B03 Integrative Graduate Education and Rasearch Program in Green Natural Sciences  Nagoya University  Kunio Awaga  
B04 Global Environmental System Leaders Program Keio University  Yasushi Shimizu 
FY2012 H01 Creation of the Practical Science Leading Graduate School for Green and Clean Food Production Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Tsutomu Arie
H02 Advanced Graduate Program in Global Strategy for Green Asia Kyushu University Jun Tanimoto

Composite category(Life science & health)

# Program website Institution name Program
FY2011 C01 Ph.D.Program in Human Biology University of Tsukuba  Akira Shibuya
C02 Graduate Program for Leaders in Life Innovation(GPLLI) The University of Tokyo   Takeshi Iwatsubo
C03 Education Academy of Computational Life Sciences(ACLS) Tokyo Institute of Technology   Yutaka Akiyama
C04 Interdisciplinary Program for Biomedical Sciences Osaka University  Kiyoshi Takeda 
FY2012 I01 Training Program of Leaders for Integrated Medical System for Fruitful Healthy-Longevity Society  Kyoto University Hidenao Fukuyama
I02 HIGO (Health life science: Interdisciplinary and Glocal Oriented) Program Kumamoto University Teru Ogura

Composite category(Materials)

# Program website Institution name Program
FY2012 J01 Materials Education Program for the Future Leaders in Research, Industry, and Technology (MERIT) The University of Tokyo Masashi Kawasaki
J02 Interactive Materials Science Cadet Program (IMSC) Osaka University Masaaki Ashida
J03 Development of Global Research Leaders in Molecular Systems for Devices and Establishment of an International Education and Research Center Kyushu University Chihaya Adachi
FY2013 Q01

Ambitious Leader's Program Fostering Future Leaders to Open New Frontiers in Materials Science

Hokkaido University

Koichiro Ishimori


Interdepartmental Doctoral Degree Program for Multi-dimensional Materials Science Leaders

Tohoku University

Tetsuya Nagasaka


Graduate Course for System-inspired Leaders in Material Science (SiMS)

Osaka Prefecture University

Masahiro Tatsumisago

Composite category(Information)

# Program website Institution name Program
FY2012 K01 Graduate Program for Social ICT Global Creative Leaders (GCL)  The University of Tokyo Yasuo Kuniyoshi
K02 Collaborative Graduate Program in Design Kyoto University Toru Ishida
K03 Humanware Innovation Program  Osaka University Hiroshi Shimizu
FY2013 R01

Ph.D.Program in Empowerment Informatics

University of Tsukuba

Hiroo Iwata


Graduate Program for Real-World Data Circulation Leaders

Nagoya University

Kazuya Takeda


Innovative program for training brain-science-information-architects by analysis of massive quantities of highly technical information about the brain

Toyohashi University of Technology

Shigeki Nakauchi


Graduate Program for Embodiment Informatics

Waseda University

Shigeki Sugano

Composite category(Multicultural Symbiotic Society)

# Program website Institution name Program
FY2012 L01 Graduate Program in Cultural Resource Management  Kanazawa University Haruya Kagami
L02 Doctoral Program for Multicultural Innovation Osaka University Kokichi Shimizu
L03 Advanced Doctoral Program in Global Resource Management Doshisha University Masanori Naito
FY2013 S01

Integrated Human Sciences Program for Cultural Diversity

The University of Tokyo Takumi Moriyama

Women Leaders Program to Promote Well-being in Asia

Nagoya University

Hiroko Tsukamura


TAOYAKA Program for creating a flexible,enduring,peaceful society

Hiroshima University

Akimasa Fujiwara

Composite category(Safety & security)

# Program website Institution name Program
FY2011 D01 Inter-Graduate School Program for Sustainable Development and Survival Societies  Kyoto University  Kaoru Takara 
FY2012 M01 Inter-Graduate School Doctoral Degree Program on Science for Global Safety Tohoku University Hiroo Yugami
M02 Disaster Nursing Global Leader Degree Program University of Kochi Satoru Yamada

Composite category(Cross-cutting themes)

# Program website Institution name Program
FY2011 E01 Advanced Leading Graduate Course for Photon Science (ALPS) The University of Tokyo   Hiroaki Aihara 
E02 Phoenix Leader Education Program (Hiroshima Initiative) for Renaissance from Radiation Disaster Hiroshima University  Masao Kobayashi 
FY2012 N01 Leadership Development Program for Space Exploration and Research Nagoya University Hiroyasu Tajima
N02 Leading Graduate Program in Science and Engineering, Waseda University Waseda University Toru Asahi
FY2013 T01

Graduate Program in Gerontology: Global Leadership initiative for an Age-Friendly Society (GLAFS)

The University of Tokyo

Junichiro Okata


Fostering long-term creativity and innovation with science and technology disciplines based on Ochanomizu spirit ‘Migakazuba’ in the next generation of global leaders

Ochanomizu University

Hazuki Furukawa

"Only-one" category

# Program website Institution name Program
FY2011 F01 Fostering Global Leaders in Veterinary Science for Contributing to "One Health"  Hokkaido University Motohiro Horiuchi 
F02 Program for Cultivating Global Leaders in Heavy Ion Therapeutics and Engineering  Gunma University Takashi Nakano 
F03 Global Human Resource Development Program for Nuclear Safety and Security (U-ATOM) Tokyo Institute of Technology Masaki Saito
F04 Green Energy Conversion Science and Technology University of Yamanashi Hiroyuki Uchida
F05 Cross-Border Legal Institution Design  Nagoya University  Yoshiharu Matsuura
F06 Next generation picobiology pioneered by photon science  University of Hyogo  Takashi Osumi  
FY2012 O01 New Frontier Leader Program for Rare-metals and Resources Akita univeristy Atsushi Shibayama
O02 Innovative Flex Course for Frontier Organic Material Systems (iFront) Yamagata University Hiroshi Iizuka
O03 Nurture of Creative Research Leaders in Immune System Regulation and Innovative Therapeutics Chiba University Tetsuichiro Saito
O04 Leading Graduate Course for Frontiers of Mathematical Sciences and Physics The University of Tokyo Yoshikazu Giga
O05 Program for Nurturing Global Leaders in Tropical and Emerging Communicable Diseases Nagasaki University Kouichi Morita
FY2013 U01

GRIPS Global Governance Program -Advanced Program for Global Leaders in the Changing World-

National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies

Yoko Kijima


Global Leader Program for Fiber Renaissance

Shinshu University

Masayuki Takatera


Leading Graduate Program for Reducing the Burden of Non-communicable Disease (NCD) in the Asian Pacific Region

Shiga University of Medical Science

Katsuyuki Miura


Leading Graduate Program in Primatology and Wildlife Science

Kyoto University

Tetsuro Matsuzawa