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Program for Leading Graduate Schools works to advance the establishment of university graduate schools of the highest caliber by supporting the dramatic reform of their education programs in such a way that they will institute degree programs recognized as top quality around the world. To foster excellent students who are both highly creative and internationally attuned and who will play leading roles in the academic, industrial and governmental sectors across the globe, the program brings top ranking faculty and students together from both in and outside Japan and enlists participation from other sectors in its planning and execution, while creating continuity between master’s and doctoral programs and implementing curricula that overarches fields of specialization.


1)The program works to foster leaders who can play active roles in the academia, industry and government and become a driving force for progress within the world.

2)Support is provided to develop degree programs that integrate master ’s and doctoral programs and assure of level of quality that is recognized worldwide— programs underpinned by internationally excellent education and research resources and designed with participation of experts from not only academia but also the industrial and governmental sectors.

3)In line with the program’s purpose, grant-based funding is provided to excellent doctoral students selected to participate in the new degree programs.

【Qualities and abilities of leaders to be fostered】
This program works to foster students who possess the following qualities and abilities and will go on to play leading roles in the academic, industrial and governmental sectors across the globe:
(1) Possess a lofty set of personal values, stout-heatedness, and ability to cooperate with others in playing meaningful international roles.
(2) Have the ability to discern issues, devise hypotheses, and apply one’s knowledge and originality in tackling problems.
(3) While being highly specialized and having sharp international perspectives, possess the ability to grasp the essence of things by employing a wide spectrum of knowledge.

Funding Period

Up to 7 years

Funding Scale & Framework

(1) All around category

Up to 540 million yen per fiscal year

Aimed at fostering top leaders who can play active roles in the governmental, nonprofit, industrial and academic sectors and can be a driving force within global society, degree programs are developed that integrate such fields as the humanities, social sciences, life sciences, physical sciences and engineering.

(2) Composite category

Up to 450 million yen per fiscal year

Aimed at fostering leaders who can synthesize industrial, academic and governmental projects and drive innovation in addressing issues facing society, degree programs are developed that crosscut composite research domains.
(3)“Only-one” category

Up to 270 million yen per fiscal year

Aimed at fostering leaders who can pioneer a new field of research, degree programs are developed that are singularly unique worldwide and that raise the university’s international excellence to the highest global standard.


FY2017: 15.0 billion yen
FY2016: 17.0 billion yen
FY2015: 17.8 billion yen
FY2014: 18.5 billion yen
FY2013: 17.8 billion yen
FY2012: 11.6 billion yen
FY2011: 3.9 billion yen

Number of Selections

Category/Theme FY2011 FY2012 FY2013 Total
All-around Category 3 2 2 7

Composite Category
Environment 4 2   6
Life Science & Health 4 2   6
Materials   3 3 6
Information   3 4 7
Multicultural Symbiotic Society   3 3 6
Safety & Security 1 2   3
Cross-cutting Themes 2 2 2 6
"Only-one" Category 6 5 4 15
Total 20 24 18 62