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Global COE Program
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Interim evaluations
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Review system

Policy of review

The concept of "Global COE Program" embodies the following four requirements.

  1. The proposal should embody a future concept for developing the university reflecting its unique institutional character and be given powerful instruments for creating an internationally excellent education and research center under the university president management.
  2. After the five years of funding ends, the university's COE should be able to continue operation as an internationally excellent education and research center.
  3. The purpose of the program is not to compile research projects. The program should build an education and research center that functions to foster highly creative young researchers. To do this, the center must conduct highly creative and vanguard research at the highest world level. It should also have the potential for future expansion.
  4. Programs particularly in the area of "Interdisciplinary, combined fields, new disciplines" should incorporate strategies to innovate existing research sections or departments, such as though organization and/or curriculum reform.

In addition to the above conditions:

  1. In the case of COEs established under the "21st Century COE Program," they should have already achieved their expected results under that program.
  2. If a core university wishes to implement its COE program in cooperation with other institutes (including domestic/foreign institutes), it must formulate a clear concept of its own future development and of the proposed education/research center and show why cooperation with other institutes is necessary to realizing the concept.

    * Excerpt from "Review Guidelines"


January 9, 2009   Open call for applications
February, 17,18   Acceptance of applications
March,   Document reviews
May,14,15    Hearings and panel reviews
May end,   Notification of selection results

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