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Eligible fields Review system Guidelines

Eligible fields

FY Fields Examples of fields
2007 Life sciences Biological sciences, agricultural sciences, pharmaceutical sciences, etc.
Others (multidisciplinary fields centering on life sciences).
Chemistry, material sciences Chemistry, material sciences, metallurgical engineering, process engineering, etc.
Others (multidisciplinary fields centering on chemistry or material sciences).
Information sciences, electrical and electronic sciences Information sciences, systems, software, materials, devices, telecommunication engineering, etc.
Others (multidisciplinary fields centering on information sciences or electrical and electronic sciences).
Humanities Philosophy, linguistics, literature, history, human geography, cultural anthropology, psychology, education, art, etc.
Others (multidisciplinary fields centering on humanities).
2008 Medical sciences Medicine, dentistry, nursing, healthcare, etc.
Others (multidisciplinary fields centering on medical sciences).
Mathematics, physics, earth sciences Mathematics, basic physics, applied physics, astronomy, earth/planet sciences, etc.
Others (multidisciplinary fields centering on mathematics, physics or earth sciences).
Mechanical, civil engineering, architectural and other fields of engineering Mechanical engineering, civil engineering, architecture, etc.
Others (multidisciplinary fields centering on mechanical, civil engineering, architectural or other fields of engineering).
Social sciences Law, political science, economics, management, sociology, etc.
Others (multidisciplinary fields centering on social sciences).
Interdisciplinary, combined fields, new disciplines Medical engineering, life sciences, environmental sciences, energy sciences, area studies, etc.
New disciplines including combined and interdisciplinary fields that overarch the above-listed fields (for example, Life sciences and Humanities) (Combined programs in which one field is dominant are excluded.)

  Note: The above-listed examples of fields are to give an image of the scope of each field. They are not meant to limit the option of fields or to prevent the combining of fields.

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