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Postdoctoral Fellowships for Foreign Researchers


Application Guidelines for FY2018 (PDF format for printing)

(Update: 02/20/2018)


FY2018 Review Section Table

Changes in FY 2018 Application Guidelines

Applications must be submitted to JSPS by a host researcher in Japan via the head of his/her university or institution. Overseas researchers wishing to participate in the program are advised to establish contact with a Japanese or foreign-resident researcher in their field and to ask him/her to submit an application. They should make this contact well in advance of the host institution’s application deadline. Institution's deadline could be more than one month before the application deadline set by JSPS).
*JSPS does not find or introduce host researchers.
**JSPS does not accept applications submitted directly by overseas researchers or through diplomatic channels.

Host researchers are required to use the JSPS Electronic Application System when applying for fellowships. Please refer to JSPS’s website for more details on JSPS Electronic Application System.(
JSPS Electronic Application System for FY2018 is available for use effective on February 20th.

【Applicant (Host researcher)】
Please submit (send) the application form using (through) the electronic application system by the deadline designated by the host institution (depending on the institution, it may have its own deadline more than one month before the application deadline set by JSPS).

【Person in charge at the host institution】
Please approve the application (and confirm the “application list“) on the electronic application system by the deadline of each program and submit (send) the form to JSPS. Any submission (transmission) that has passed the deadline will not be accepted. Please submit (send) the application well in advance of the deadline.

Please also submit the following two types of documents in paper before the deadline.
・List of applications (Notice of Acceptance included)
・List of applicants

Application forms for FY2018

Download application files for JSPS Postdoctoral Fellowships for Research in Japan FY2018. See “Instructions for the application forms”.

Form Standard Short-term
FORM1 Application form to be filled out on the JSPS Electric Application System by the host researcher
Format for Preparation
(Excerpt from JSPS Electric Application System)
FORM2 Application form to be filled out by the foreign candidate

Instructions for the application forms and selection processes

   Standard Short-term
Instructions for the application forms (Update: 02/20/2018)
Selection processes Selection process