1. Purpose

By supporting exchange programs implemented by Japanese universities and research institutions, the “Invitation Program for East Asian Young Researchers” works to establish and expand networks with researchers mainly from Asian countries. It also helps to develop high-caliber human resources and to create a regional science and technology community.

Invitation Program for East Asian Young Researchers
- Invitation from EAS member Countries - Conceptual diagrampdf

2. Countries Covered

The program is aimed at promoting exchanges with academic research institutions in ASEAN-member countries (Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippines, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar and Laos). To more effectively pursue exchange with these countries, Australia, New Zealand and India may also be included in exchange projects.

3. Fields of Research

All fields of the humanities, social sciences and natural sciences are included under this program.

4. Eligibility

4-1 Host Institution

Japanese universities and research institutions are eligible to be a host institution under this program.
Applications are prepared by the unit conducting the exchange project (e.g., a department of a host institution) and submitted by president of the institution.

4-2 Eligibility Requirements for Invited Young Researchers

(1) Nationality Invited young researchers must be a citizen of an ASEAN country (Indonesia, Cambodia, Singapore, Thailand, Philippine, Brunei, Vietnam, Malaysia, Myanmar, or Laos).
* However, researchers from India, Australia or New Zealand may also be included.
(2) Degree The researchers must have been awarded a doctorate degree within six years from the proposed starting date of their research in Japan, or be currently enrolled in a master’s or doctoral course.
(3) Affiliation The researchers must be, in principle, affiliated with or enrolled in an institution in one of the eligible countries listed in (1) above.

*At least 10 young researchers should be supported under each project.

5. Duration of Project Funding

Projects are to start from July 2011, and finish by the end of October 2011. (Follow-up programs can be extended until the end of December 2011.)

6. Amount of Funding

Up to ¥10 million per project