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Contact Information of 20 Pilot Universities

Headquarter Name TEL/FAX
e-mail address
Hokkaido University,
Initiative for Sustainable Development (HUISD)
TEL  +81-11-706-2334 / FAX +81-11-706-2095
Tohoku University,
Global Operations Centre
TEL  +81-22-217-5019 / FAX +81-22-217-4846
The University of Tokyo,
Division for International Relations
TEL  +81-3-5841-2092 / FAX +81-3-5689-7344
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies,
Office for International Academic Strategy (OFIAS)
TEL  +81-42-330-5591 / FAX +81-42-330-5599
Tokyo Institute of Technology,
International Planning Office
TEL  +81-3-5734-3826 / FAX +81-3-5734-3685
Hitotsubashi University,
International Strategy Headquarters
TEL  +81-42-580-8762 / FAX +81-42-580-8769
Niigata University,
HQ for Global Strategy, International Academic Support Office
TEL  +81-25-262-7631 / FAX +81-25-262-7519
Nagoya University,
International Exchange and Cooperation Headquarters
TEL  +81-52-789-2195 / FAX +81-52-789-2045
Kyoto University,
The Organization for the Promotion of International Relations (OPIR)
TEL  +81-75-753-2045 / FAX +81-75-753-2042
Osaka University,
Office for International Planning and Programs
TEL  +81-6-6879-4017 / FAX +81-6-6879-4017
Kobe University,
Office for the Promotion of International Exchange (OPIE-KU)
TEL  +81-78-803-5044 / FAX +81-78-803-5049
Tottori University,
Headquarters for Planning and Promoting International Strategies
TEL  +81-857-31-5010 / FAX +81-857-31-6065
Hiroshima University,
International Strategy Head Office
TEL  +81-82-424-6042 / FAX +81-82-424-6179
Kyushu University,
Organization for the Planning and Coordination of International Affairs
TEL  +81-92-642-4323 / FAX +81-92-642-4273
Nagasaki University,
Center for International Collaborative Research, Nagasaki University (CICORN)
TEL  +81-95-849-7008 / FAX +81-95-849-7230
The University of Aizu,
Center for Strategy of International Programs (CSIP)
TEL  +81-242-37-2761 / FAX +81-242-37-2761
Keio University,
Organization for Global Initiatives (OGI) Office
TEL  +81-3-5427-1899 / FAX +81-3-5427-1626
Tokai University,
Head Office of International Affairs, Tokai University (HIAT)
TEL  +81-3-3467-2211(ext.290) /
FAX +81-3-3467-0197
Waseda University,
Office of International Research Promotion (IRP)
TEL  +81-3-3203-4612 / FAX +81-3-3203-4450
National Institutes of Natural Sciences,
International Exchange / International Strategy Headquarters
TEL  +81-3-5425-1890 / FAX +81-3-5425-2049