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List of Universities' Activities-Search by University

*Numbers in ( ) are the number of information provided by each university.

National University

Hokkaido University(1) Tohoku University(0) The University of Tokyo(4)
Tokyo University of Foreign Studies(1) Tokyo Institute of Technology(0) Hitotsubashi University(0)
Niigata University(0) Nagoya University(0) Kyoto University(4)
Osaka University(2) Kobe University(0)

Tottori University(1)

Hiroshima University(0) Kyushu University(1) Nagasaki University(0)

Prefectural University

The University of Aizu(0)

Private University

Keio University(1)
Tokai University(0)
Waseda University(2)

Inter-University Research Institute

National Institutes of Natural Sciences(0)

[Hokkaido University](1)

Hokkaido University International Symposium on Sustainable Development(7-9 August 2006)Another site

[Tohoku University](0)

[The University of Tokyo](4)

"Information Patio for permanent settlement in Japan" now open(2 June 2009)Another site

The Todai-Yale InitiativeAnother site

Integrated Research System for Sustainability Science (IR3S)International Alliance for Research Universities (IARU) Joint Symposium(1-3 February 2007)Another site

The university-wide Visa Consulting Service has begun operation(1 November 2006)Another site

[Tokyo University of Foreign Studies](1)

Consortium for Asian and African Studies (CAAS)Another site

[Tokyo Institute of Technology](0)

[Hitotsubashi University(0)]

[Niigata University](0)

[Nagoya University](0)

[Kyoto University](4)

The 3rd University Administrators Workshop ( 24-25 January 2008)Another site

The 2nd University Administrators Workshop (1-2 February 2007)Another site

The University Administrators Workshop (16-17 March 2006)Another site

Information for International ResearchersAnother site

[Osaka University](2)

International Symposium "Erasmus Mundus-New Strategy for Academic Exchange between Japan and Europe" (18 December 2007)Another site

"GCN-Osaka" Online Community for International Students and Researchers (Updated as Needed)Another site

[Kobe University](0)

[Tottori University](1)

Orientation of epidemics held (4 July 2007)Another site

[Hiroshima University](0)

[Kyushu University](1)

University Summit in Kyushu 2007 (27-28 October 2007)Another site

[Nagasaki University](0)

[The University of Aizu](0)

[Keio University](1)

Keio University joined the T.I.M.E. Network. (5 October, 2007)Another site

[Tokai University](0)

[Waseda University](2)

"Waseda Town Guide" is now available.(11 August 2009)PDF file

Glossary of Research Support Terms (Updated as Needed)Another site

[National Institutes of Natural Sciences](0)