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Selection Procedure

Applications submitted are first given a document review by about 1,000 referees, each a specialist or leading authority in the subject field. Category-specific subcommittees established in each new scientific domain evaluate the proposals through hearings and panel reviews. Selection is made by the program's screening committee, and its selection results are passed to the program committee for final confirmation.

Number of Applications and Selections
FY 2002 Grants: 113  Applications: 464
Life Sciences: 28 Chemistry, Material Science: 21 Information Sciences, Electrical and Electronic Engineering: 20 Humanities: 20 Interdisciplinary, Combined Fields, New Disciplines: 24
FY 2003 Grants: 133  Applications: 611
Medical Sciences: 35 Mathematics. Physics, Earth Sciences: 24 Mechanical, Civil, Architectural and Other Engineering Fields: 23 Social Sciences: 26 Interdisciplinary, Combined Fields, New Disciplines: 25
FY 2004 New Scientific Fields Grants: 28  Applications: 320
21st COE Program