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Selected Programs (FY2003)
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【Interdisciplinary, combined fields, new disciplines】
No. Program Title University Program
J01 Neo-Science of Natural History Hokkaido University Hisatake Okada
J02 Making a Discipline of Slavic Eurasian Studies: Meso-areas and Globalization Hokkaido University Osamu Ieda
J03 Promotion of Kansei Science for Understanding the Mechanism of Mind and Heart University of Tsukuba Masayuki Masu
J04 Biodiversity and Ecosystem Restoration The University of Tokyo Izumi Washitani
J05 Center for Evolutionary Cognitive Sciences at the University of Tokyo The University of Tokyo Toshikazu Hasegawa
J06 Framework for Systematization and Application of Large-scale Knowledge Resources Tokyo Institute of Technology Sadaoki Furui
J07 Frontiers of Gender Studies Ochanomizu University Tamie Kainou
J08 Global Renaissance by
Green Energy Revolution
Nagaoka University of Technology Hukuda Masao
J09 Advanced approach to personalized medicine based on oriental philosophy Toyama University Yutaka Shimada
J10 Technology Creation Based on Knowledge Science Japan Advanced Institute of Science and Technology Yoshiteru Nakamori
J11 Isotopes for the Prosperous Future Nagoya University Ichiro Yamamoto
J12 Center of Research and Knowledge Information Infrastructure for Genome Science Kyoto University Minoru Kanehisa
J13 COE for Microbial-Process Development Pioneering Future Production Systems Kyoto University Sakayu Shimizu
J14 East Asian Center for Informatics in Humanities Kyoto University Tokio Takata
J15 Strategic Solid Waste Management for Sustainable Society Okayama University Masaru Tanaka
J16 COE for Social Capacity Development for Environmental Management and International Cooperation Hiroshima Uuniversity Shunji Matsuoka
J17 Human Nutritional Science on Stress Control The University of Tokushima Eiji Takeda
J18 Design of Artificial Environments on the Basis of Human Sensibility Kyushu University Yutaka Tochihara
J19 World of brain computing interwoven out of animals and robots Kyushu Institute of Technology Takeshi Yamakawa
J20 Research and Education for Peace, Security and Conviviality International Christian University Yoichiro Murakami
J21 Fusion of Extremophiles and Nanotechnology Bio-Nano Electronics Research Centre, Toyo University Toru Maekawa
J22 Development of new bioremediation systems Nihon University Satohiko Sasaki
J23 Systematization of Nonwritten Cultural Materials for the Study of Human Societies Kanagawa University Ajio Fukuta
J24 Interdisciplinary Study of Monotheistic Religions Doshisha University Koichi Mori
J25 Center of Aquaculture Science and Technology for Bluefin Tuna and Other Cultivated Fish Kinki University Hidemi Kumai

21st COE Program