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Selected Programs (FY2003)
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【Social sciences】
No. Program Title University Program
I01 The Law and Policy of Intellectual Property: Building a New Global Framework Hokkaido University Yoshiyuki Tamura
I02 Center for the Study of Social Stratification and Inequality Tohoku University Yoshimichi Sato
I03 Gender Law and policy Center Tohoku University Miyoko Tsujimura
I04 "Soft Law" and the State-Market Relationship The University of Tokyo Nobuhiro Nakayama
I05 Invention of Policy Systems in Advanced Countries The University of Tokyo Susumu akahashi
I06 Research Center for the Relationship between Market Economy and Non-market Institutions The University of Tokyo Hiroshi Yoshikawa
I07 Productive Management Research Center The University of Tokyo Takahiro Fujimoto
I08 Dynamics of Knowledge, Corporate System and Innovation Hitotsubashi University Hiroyuki Itami
I09 Normative Evaluation and
Social Choice of Contemporary Economic Systems
Hitotsubashi University Kotaro Suzumura
I10 Research Unit for Statistical Analysis in Social Sciences Hitotsubashi University Osamu Saito
I11 Asian Development Experience and Its Transferability The National Graduate Institute for Policy Studies Kenichi Ohno
I12 Program for the Reconstruction of Legal Ordering in the Twenty First Century Kyoto University Makoto Ohishi
I13 Center of Excellence for Interfaces for Advanced Economic Analysis Kyoto University Kazuo Nishimura
I14 Behavioral macrodynamics based on surveys and experiments Osaka University Yoshiro Tsutsui
I15 Research Center for Dynamic Legal Processes of Advanced Market Societies Kobe University Shiro Kashimura
I16 Research and Education Center of New Japanese Economic Paradigm Kobe University Naoki Mitani
I17 Research, Development and Education Center for Advanced Business Systems Kobe University Tadao Kagono
I19 Development of a Theory of Market Quality and an Empirical Analysis Using Panel Data Keio University Naoyuki Yoshino
I20 Designing toward the Ordering of Political Society in a Multicultual and Pluri-generational World Keio University Yoshiaki Kobayashi
I21 Policy Innovation Initiative: Human Security Research in Japan and Asia Keio University Jiro Kokuryo
I22 Constructing More Open Political-Economic Systems: The Waseda GLOPE Project Waseda University Shiro Yabushita
I23 Creating New Legal Systems for Corporation and Society Waseda University Tatsuo Uemura
I24 Asian COE toward new policy science for social well-being and development Nihon Fukushi Univeristy Ryu Niki
I25 Synthetic Research on Technology, Enterprise and Competitiveness Doshisha University Yoshifumi Nakata
I26 The Study of "Social Research for the Enhancement of Human Well-being" Kwansei Gakuin University Kenji Kosaka

21st COE Program