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Selected Programs (FY2003)
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【Mechanical, civil, architectural and other fields of engineering】
No. Program Title University Program
H01 Sustainable Metabolic Systems of Water and Waste for Area-Based Society Hokkaido University Yoshimasa Watanabe
H02 The Exploration of the Frontiers of Mechanical Science Based on Nanotechnology Tohoku University Tetsuo Shoji
H03 International COE of Flow Dynamics Tohoku University Shigenao Maruyama
H04 Mechanical Systems Innovation The University of Tokyo Nobuhide Kasagi
H05 Center of Excellence for Sustainable Urban Regeneration The University of Tokyo Shinichiro Ohgaki
H06 Innovation of Creative Engineering through the Development of Advanced Robotics Tokyo Institute of Technology Shigeo Hirose
H07 Evolution of Urban Earthquake Engineering Tokyo Institute of Technology Tatsuo Oomachi
H08 Innovative Nuclear Energy Systems for Sustainable Development of the World Tokyo Institute of Technology Hiroshi Sekimoto
H09 Research & Education on Integrated River Basin Management in Asian Monsoon Region University of Yamanashi Kuniyoshi Takeuchi
H10 Micro- and Nano-Mechatronics for Information-Based Society Nagoya University Yasunaga Mitsuya
H11 COE for Research and Education on Complex Functional Mechanical Systems Kyoto University Kazuo Tsuchiya
H12 Center for Atomistic Fabrication Technology Osaka University Katsuyoshi Endo
H13 Design Strategy towards Safety and Symbiosis of Urban Space Kobe University Tsutomu Shigemura
H14 Architecture of Habitat System for Sustainable Development Kyushu University Yasunori Matsufuji
H15 Integration Technology of Mechanical Systems for Hydrogen Utilization Kyushu University Yukitaka Murakami
H16 Intensive and Applied Research on High-Rate Impulse-Energy Science Kumamoto University Hidenori Akiyama
H17 Development of Technologies
for Activation and Renewal
of Building Stock in Megalopolis
Tokyo Metropolitan University Seiichi Fukao
H18 System Design: Paradigm Shift from Intelligence to Life Keio University Kazuo Yoshida
H19 Human Adaptive Mechatronics
Tokyo Denki University Katsuhisa Furuta
H20 Center of Advanced Fire Safety Science and Technology for Building Tokyo University of Science Takao Wakamatsu
H21 The inovative research on symbiosis technologies for human and robots in the elderly dominated society Waseda University Masakatsu Fujie
H22 Wind Effects on Buildings and Urban Environment Tokyo Polytechnic University Yukio Tamura
H23 Disaster Mitigation of Urban Cultural Heritage Ritsumeikan University Masatake Murahashi

21st COE Program