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Selected Programs (FY2003)
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【Mathematics, physics, earth sciences】
No. Program Title University Program
G01 Mathematics of Nonlinear Structure via Singularity Hokkaido University Tohru Ozawa
G02 Exploring New Science by Bridging Particle-Matter Hicrarchy Tohoku University Osamu Hashimoto
G03 Advanced Science and Technology Center for Dynamic Earth Tohoku University Eiji Ohtani
G04 Frontiers of Super-Functionality Organic Devices Chiba University Nobuo Ueno
G05 Base for New Development of Mathematics to Science and Technology The University of Tokyo Shigeo Kusuoka
G06 Quantum Extreme Systems and Their Symmetries The University of Tokyo Katsuhiko Sato
G07 Predictability of the Evolution and Variation of the Multi-scale Earth System The University of Tokyo Toshio Yamagata
G08 Applied Physics of Strongly Correlated Systems The University of Tokyo Yoshinori Tokura
G09 Nanometer-Scale Quantum Physics Tokyo Institute of Technology Tsuneya Ando
G10 Innovation in Coherent Optical Science The University of Electro-Communications Kohzo Hakuta
G11 The Origin of the Universe and Matter: Physical Elucidation of the Cosmic History Nagoya University Yasuo Fukui
G13 Dynamics of the Sun-Earth-Life Interractive System Nagoya University Tetsuzo Yasunari
G14 Formataion of an Internatiomal Center of Excellence in the Frontiers of Mathematics and Fostering of Researchers in Future Generations Kyoto University Masaki Kashiwara
G15 Center for Diversity and Universality in Physics Kyoto University Katsuji Koyama
G16 Elucidation of the Active Geosphere: from Asia and Oceania to the World Kyoto University Shigeo Yoden
G17 Towards a New Basic Science: Depth and Synthesis Osaka University Yoshichika Ōnuki
G18 Core Research and Advanced Education Center for Materials Science and Nano-Engineering Osaka University Kazumasa Miyake
G19 Origin and Evolution of Planetary Systems Kobe University Tadashi Mukai
G20 Establishment of International Research Center for Solid Earth Science Okayama University Eizo Nakamura
G21 Development of Dynamic Mathematics With High Functionality Kyushu University Mitsuhiro Nakao
G22 Constitution of wide-angle mathematical basis focused on knots Osaka City University Akio Kawauchi
G23 Integrative Mathematical Sciences: Progress in Mathematics Motivated by Natural and Social Phenomena Keio University Yoshiaki Maeda
G24 Holistic Research and Education Center for Physics of Self-Organization Systems Waseda University Shinichi Ishiwata

21st COE Program