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Selected Programs (FY2002)
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【Interdisciplinary, combined fields, new disciplines】
No. Program Title University Program
E01 Prediction and avoidance of an abrupt change in the bio-geosphere system Hokkaido University Motoyoshi Ikeda
E02 Promotion of Health and Sports Scientific Research University of Tsukuba Yoshiaki Nishihira
E03 Research Center for Integrated Science The University of Tokyo Makoto Asajima
E04 The Centre for Documentaiton and Area-Transcultural Studies Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Takeshi Fujii
E05 Development of New Energy-Conscious Metabolic Systems and the Concept of Science for Evolution and Survival of the Technology based Civilization(ESTeC) Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Masayuki Horio
E06 Environmental Risk Management for Bio/Eco-Systems Yokohama National University Kohei Urano
E07 Environmental Monitoring and Prediction of Long- and Short- Term Dynamics of Pan-Japan Sea Area -Construction of Monitoring Network and Assessment of Human Effects- Kanazawa University Kazuichi Hayakawa
E08 Evaluation of Environmental Condition based onEcology and Pathology of Wild Animals Gifu University Toshio Tsubota
E09 Ecological engineering for homeostatic human activities Toyohashi University of Technology Koichi Fujie
E10 Aiming for COE of Global Area Studies: Establishing Field Stations in Asia and Africa, and Integration Research Activities and on-Site-Educataion in Fieldwork Kyoto University Mitsuo Ichikawa
E11 Establishment of COE on Sustainable Energy System Kyoto University Susumu Yoshikawa
E12 Natural Disaster Science and Disater Reduction Kyoto University Yoshiaki Kawata
E13 Towards Creating New Industries Based on Inter-Nanoscience Osaka University Tomoji Kawai
E14 Program for Arid Land Science Tottori University Atsushi Tsunekawa
E15 Center of Excelence for Coastal Marine Environmental Research National University Corporation Ehime University Shinsuke Tanabe
E16 Advanced Science and Technology for Utilization of Ocean Energy Saga University Masanori Monde
E17 International Consortium for Medical Care of Hibakusha and Radiation Life Science Nagasaki University Masao Tomonaga
E18 Center of Excellence for Evolutionary Human Health Sciences University of Shizuoka Naohide Kinae
E19 Science and Engineering for Water-Assisted Evolution of Valuable Resources and Energy from Organic Wastes Osaka Prefecture University Hiroyuki Yoshida
E20 Next Generation Media and Intelligent Social Infrastructure Keio University Hideyuki Tokuda
E21 Establishment of Area-based Global Studies Sophia University Yoshinori Murai
E22 Integrative Human Science Program Tamagawa University Minoru Tsukada
E23 Creation of New Contemporary Asian Studies Waseda University Kazuko Mori
E24 International Center for Chinese Studies Aichi University Mitsuyuki Kagami

21st COE Program