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Selected Programs (FY2002)
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No. Program Title University Program
D01 Center for the Study of Cultural and Ecological Foundations of the Mind Hokkaido University Toshio Yamagishi
D02 A Strategic Reserch and Education Center for an Integrated Approach to Language and Cognition Tohoku University Kaoru Horie
D03 The University of Tokyo Center for Philosophy(UTCP) The University of Tokyo Yasuo Kobayashi
D04 A Construction of Death and Life Studies concerning Culture and Value of Life The University of Tokyo Susumu Shimozono
D05 Center for Research of Core Academic Competences The University of Tokyo Motohisa Kaneko
D06 Usage-Based Linguistic Informatics Tokyo University of Foreign Studies Yuji Kawaguchi
D07 Studies of Human Development from Birth to Death Ochanomizu University Nobuko Uchida
D08 Studies for the Integrated Text-Science Nagoya University Shoichi Sato
D09 Towards a Center of Excellence for the study of Humanities in the Age of Globalization Kyoto University Eisaku Kihira
D10 Center of Excellence for Psychological Studies Kyoto University Kazuo Fujita
D11 Interface Humanities Osaka University Kiyokazu Washida
D12 Construction and Quality Assurance of 21st Century Higher Education System Hiroshima University Akira Arimoto
D13 East Asia and Japan:Interaction and transformations Kyushu University Yuichiro Imanishi
D14 Studies in the Humanities for the Development of Urban Cultural Creativity Osaka City University Towao Sakaehara
D15 Toward an Integrated Methodology for the Study of the Mind Keio University Taro Nishimura
D16 Establishment of a National Learning Institute for the Dissemination of Research on Shinto and Japanese Culture Kokugakuin
Tatsuo Kobayashi
D17 Declaration of International Japan-Studies Hosei University Tsutomu Hoshino
D18 Development of Research and Study Methodologies in Theatre Waseda University Mikio Takemoto
D19 Research Center for Enhancing Local Cultures in Asia Waseda University Katuaki Ohashi
D20 Kyoto Art Entertainment Innovation Research Ritsumeikan University Masao Kawashima

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