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Selected Programs (FY2002)
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【Chemistry, material sciences】
No. Program Title University Program
B01 International Center of Research & Education for Unexplored Chemistry Tohoku University Yoshinori Yamamoto
B02 International Center of Research & Education for Materials Tohoku University Akihisa Inoue
B03 Promotion of Creative Interdisciplinary Materials Science for Novel Functions University of Tsukuba Kazuo Kadowaki
B04 Center for Frontier Chemistry Focusing on Molecular Dynamism The University of Tokyo Yasuhiro Iwasawa
B05 Human-Friendly Materials based on Chemistry The University of Tokyo Kimihiko Hirao
B06 Future Nano-materials Tokyo University of Agriculture and Technology Akinori Koukitu
B07 Creation of Molecular Diversity and Development of Functionalities Tokyo Institute of Technology Takakazu Yamamoto
B08 Nanomaterial Frontier Cultivation for Industrial Collaboration Tokyo Institute of Technology Hideo Hosono
B09 Creation of Hybridized Materials with Super-Functions and Formation of International Research & Education Center Nagaoka University of Technology Ikuzo Nishiguchi
B10 Advanced Fiber Science and Textile Technology Shinshu University Hirofusa Shirai
B11 Establishment of COE on Materiale Science: Elucidation and Creation of Molecular Functions Nagoya University Kazuhiko Seki
B12 The Creation of Nature-Guided Materials Processing Nagoya University Shigeo Asai
B13 World Ceramics Center for Environmental Harmony Nagoya Institute of Technology Masayuki Nogami
B14 Kyoto University Alliance for Chemistry (Chemistry for Materials Conversion) Kyoto University Gunzi Saito
B15 COE  for  a  United  Approach   to   New   Materials   Science Kyoto University Zempachi  Ogumi
B16 Creation of Integrated EcoChemistry Osaka University Akira  Harada  
B17 Center of Excellence for Advanced Structural and Functional Materials Design Osaka University Yukichi  Umakoshi  
B18 Functional Innovation of Molecular Informatics Kyushu University Seiji Shinkai
B19 New Functional Materials for Highly Efficient Energy Systems Aoyama Gakuin University Jun  Akimitsu
B20 Function Creation Oriented Life-Conjugated Chemistry Keio University Haruma Kawaguchi
B21 Center for Practical Nano-Chemistry Waseda University Kuniaki Tatsuta

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