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Selected Programs (FY2002)
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【Life sciences】
No. Program Title University Program
A01 Center of Excellence for Advanced Life Science on the Base of Bioscience and Nanotechnology Hokkaido University Yoshihito Osada
A02 Comprehensive Studies on the Sustainability and Safety in Food Animal Production for World Harmonization with Special Emphasis on the Centrol of Protozoan Diseases. Obihiro University of Agriculture and Veterinary Medicine Ikuo Igarashi
A03 Future Medical Engineering Based on Bio-nanotechnology Tohoku University Masaaki Sato
A04 Control of the Cell Fate Akita University Nobuya Inagaki
A05 Functional Analysis of Communication Mechanism in Bioconsortia and Its Agricultural Hyper-Utilization University of Tsukuba Akiyoshi Fukamizu
A06 Processing of Biosignals:Receptor Acitvation,Signal Transduction,Functional Expression and Animal Behaviors Gunma University Fumikazu Okajima
A07 Multidisciplinary approach to the biological signaling mechanism The University of Tokyo Tomoyuki Takahashi
A08 Promotion of basic biosciences for the understanding of organisms'uniqueness The University of Tokyo Masayuki Yamamoto
A09 Strategic Approach to Drug Discovery and Development in Pharmaceutical Sciences The University of Tokyo Yuichi Sugiyama
A10 Frontier System of Bioengineering Tokyo Institute of Technology Hiroshi Hanada
A11 System Bioscience:Integrative Study of Molecular Signal Networks Nagoya University Yasunori Machida
A12 Plant biosciene concerning food in the new century Nagoya University Takeshi Mizuno
A13 COE Formation in Frontier Life Sciences by Unifying Interactions Kyoto University Shin Yonehara
A14 Formation of strategic base for the multidisciplinary study of biodiversity Kyoto University Noriyuki Satoh
A15 Dynamics of Biological Systems Osaka University Toshio Yanagida
A16 Elucidation of the fundamentals of cellular supra-molecular devices and their reconstitution Osaka University Tomitake Tsukihara
A17 Signaling Mechanisms by Protein Modification Reactions Kobe University Ushio Kikkawa
A18 Exploiting New Frontiers in Bioscience
-Dynamism in Molecular Networks Supporting Cellular Fuctions-
Nara Institute of Science and Technology Akira Isogai
A19 Integrative Life Science Kyushu University Yukio Fujiki
A20 Cell Fate Regulation Research and Education Unit Kumamoto University Tetsuya Taga
A21 Physiologically active peptides controlling biological systems University of Miyazaki Tatsuo Nakayama
A22 Molecular Life Science Based on Structural Biology University of Hyogo Shinya Yoshikawa
A23 Discovery of anti-infectious drugs from natural resources and its basic studies Kitasato University Satoshi Omura
A24 Understanding and Control of Life's Function via Systems Biology Keio University Hiroshi Yanagawa
A25 Systematic Search for Genetic Factors and Their Novel Regulatory Molecules for Complex Phenotypes in Man Tokai University Hidetoshi Inoko
A26 Bioresource utilization based on microbial symbiotic systems Nihon University Teruhiko Beppu
A27 Synchrotron Light Life Science Research Ritsumeikan University Hironari Yamada
A28 Center for Molecular Bioengineering of Food Animals Kinki University Akira Iritani

21st COE Program