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Assessment Procedure

Interim Assessment
Projects funded under the program continue for five years, and their performance is assessed at the 2-year point to verify their progress and determine whether continuation is warranted. Through the process of interim assessments, category-specific subcommittees conduct document reviews, hearings and panel reviews; and when necessary, on-site inspections are held.

The program committee reports the results, determined by the assessment committee, to MEXT, which uses the information to optimize the distribution of grant funds in the next program period. The results of interim assessments are fed back to each COE in a spirit of advice to help them develop their COE program. As a result, two FY2002 COEs have been required to drastically revamp their implementation plans; however, no COE has yet been terminated. The results are posted on JSPSís website in only Japanese.

Posterior Assessment
Upon project completion, posterior assessments are to be carried out. Details shall be considered by the program committee.

21st COE Program