Summary of Research Project Results under JSPS FY2003
"Research for the Future Program"

1.Research Institution Osaka University
2.Research Area Physical and Engineering Sciences
3.Research Field Intuitive Human Interface
4.Term of Project FY 1999 - FY 2003
5.Project Number 99P01404
6.Title of Project Construction of Kansei Emergence World Based on Synergetic Interaction

7.Project Leader
Name Institution,Department Title of Position
Masahiko,Yachida Osaka University,Graduate Scool of Entineering Science Professor

8.Core Members

Names Institution,Department Title of Position
Shogo,Nishida Osaka University, Graduate School of Engineering Science Professor
Kosuke,Sato Osaka University, Graduate School of Engineering Science Professor

9.Summary of Research Results

   This research aims to realize the man-machine-man interface which gives the synergetic effects of KANSEI by interaction. We focused on the elements expressing KANSEI, gesture and physiology indices, acquired by the latest sensing technology and intelligent robotics. Moreover, we also focused on the artificial fields where multimedia contents, such as text, sound and video, can be reflected in real time. We call the field "synergetic field" and evaluated the KANSEI emergence and KANSEI amplification phenomena caused by the interaction. In this research, we focused on the following topics: Human Information Measurement, High-Quality Display Technology, Media Art, KANSEI Interface, Design Support System, and Interactive Sound Communication.
   In human information measurement, we extracted the useful information expressing our intention and interest. In high-quality display technology, we have developed a wide-range view angle HMD and modeling technology for high quality virtual reality systems. In media art, we have developed a multi-user wireless physiological sensing system and several media art support systems in SHAKUHACHI performance and Video Jockey. We have organized several media art concerts with the sensor measuring physiological data. In KANSEI Interface, we have developed several haptic and intuitive computer interfaces designed under the concepts of daily tools and finger pointing. They have proved good interface performances by user experiments. In design support system, we have studied impressive protocol in color design and shape design. We have developed a coloration assist system with mixed reality technology and a shape impression analyzer according to the research findings.
   We also researched the architecture and implementation of interactive sound communication environment by focusing on affective aspects of human interaction. As a result, we have reported the following topics:
- We have proposed the mental potential as emotional factors for jazz ensemble and implemented an agent who was playing music together with the users.
- We have constructed the environment for playing music without performance skills and knowledge about music theory by focusing on musical combination.
- We have proposed an algorithm to synthesize music and dance choreography based on emotion value.
- We have researched embodied interaction as KANSEI interaction. By the experiments, we found that keeping the collaborative synchronism aroused the sense of unity in the participant.

10.Key Words
(1)Ominidirectional Image Sensor  (2)Human Information Sensing   (3)High-Quality Display Technology
(4)Media Art  (5)Designn Support System   (6)Haptic Interface
(7)Mental potential  (8)Musical combination   (9)Sense of Unity