Summary of Research Project Results under JSPS FY2003
"Research for the Future Program"

1.Research Institution Tohoku University
2.University-Industry Cooperative Research Committee 144th Committee on Magnetic Recording
3.Term of Project FY 1999 - FY 2003
4.Project Number 99R14401
5.Title of Project Research on Ultralarge-capacity High-speed Perpendicular Storage System

6.Project Leader
Name InstitutionCDepartment Title of Position
Yoshihisa,Nakamura Tohoku University,Research Institute of Electrical Communication Professor

7.Core Members

Names Institution,Department Title of Position
Yutaka, Sugita Tohoku Institute of Technology , Faculty of Engineering Professor
Hiroaki , Muraoka Tohoku University , Research Institute of Electrical Communication Professor
Hisashi, Takano Central Research Laboratory, Hitachi LTD. Department Manager

8.Summary of Research Results

   Purpose of this program is to attain high-areal density magnetic recording of 100 Gbits/inch2 with perpendicular magnetic recording, which has been developed by the JSPS 144th Committee on Magnetic Recording.
   A single-pole head and perpendicular disk media are the key devices for high density recording. An FeCo film that has a very large magnetic flux density was developed in order to attain high writing ability. A novel cusp-coil single-pole head was then fabricated, and proved to show a good writing ability. A low noise perpendicular media that has the granular micro-structure was also developed.
   Using the improved head/disk devices, members of this project, Hitachi, Tohoku Univ and AIT, demonstrated 52.5 Gbits/inch2 perpendicular magnetic recording in 2000, which gave a great impact to whole storage industry. The attained areal density has been raised up to 90 Gbits/inch2 during this program. The demonstrations indicated the possibility and extendability of perpendicular magnetic recording. Perpendicular magnetic recording thus provided a great contribution of Japan for this technology area.
   As an application of high-density perpendicular magnetic recording, a motion picture storage system was investigated from the viewpoint of fast data transfer of hard disk drives. A large capacity motion picture files of medical data were successfully transmitted via internet between Akita and Sendai.

9.Key Words
(1)High-density magnetic recording   (2)Perpendicular Magnetic recording   (3)Motion-picture information storage
(4)Single-pole head   (5)High Bs FeCo films