Summary of Research Project Results under JSPS FY2003
"Research for the Future Program"

1.Research Institution Osaka University
2.Research Area Integrated Fields
3.Research Field Development of Surgical Robot
4.Term of Project FY 1999 - FY 2003
5.Project Number 99I00903
6.Title of Project Acquisition and Utilization of Multidimensional Image Information during Surgery

7.Project Leader
Name Institution,Department Title of Position
Shinichi , Tamura Osaka University , Graduate School of Medicine Professor

8.Core Members

Names Institution,Department Title of Position
Akihiro , Hashimoto Osaka Gakuin University , Faculty of Informatics Professor
Hironobu , Nakamura Osaka University , Graduate School of Medicine Professor

9.Summary of Research Results

The followings are developed in this research project
(1) Intra-operative 4D imaging and visualization: Targeting the fracture of femure, we have developed an repositioning robot for bone fracture based on registration between intra-operative 2D X-ray image and 3D CT image taken before surgery. Further, for the laparoscopic surgery, we have developed a system displaying optical laparoscopic image overlayed by ultrasound image taken by probe with magnetic and optical hybrid localizer.
(2) Image segmentation and quantification: We have developed an system able to automatically segment liver based on the change of CT values between different phase images, extract blood vessel systems of the liver, and separate liver into segments.
(3) Intra-body 3D sensing: Combining magnetic and optical 3D localizers, we have developed an navigation system for laparoscopic surgery (see (1)).
(4) Developing clinical application systems: We have developed image guided surgical navigation systems for hip joint, spine, and liver.
(5) LAN infrastructure: Connecting via Internet between PC cluster at remote campus, operating theater of Osaka University Hospital, and Osaka Minami National Hospital, we have processed intraoperatively calculating movable area of joint and registering X-ray images with 3D CT images taken before surgery.
(6) Laser guidance system: We have developed a laser guidance system which can guide surgical tool as a crossing line of projected two laser beam planes. This enables surgeons to be guided without looking monitor apart from surgical spot
(7) Image and spatial information analysing platform: To facilitate our research, we have developed a platform named "Virtual Place", which is now commercialized from a venture corporation founded by former student stuffs in Osaka University

10.Key Words
(1)Computer aided surgery   (2)Surgical navigation   (3)Intra-operative imagingt
(4)Total hip replacement   (5)Liver segmentation   (6)Repositioning robot for bone fracture
(7)Laparoscopic surgery