Summary of Research Project Results under JSPS FY2003
"Research for the Future Program"

1.Research Institution Kyushu University
2.Research Area Integrated Fields
3.Research Field Development of Surgical Robot
4.Term of Project FY 1999 - FY 2003
5.Project Number 99I00902
6.Title of Project Research on Robotic System in General Surgery

7.Project Leader
Name Institution,Department Title of Position
Makoto,Hashizume Kyushu University, Graduate School of Medical Sciences Professor

8.Core Members

Names Institution,Department Title of Position
Mitsuo, Shimada Kyushu University, Graduate School of Medical Sciences Associate Professor
Nobuhiko, Hata The University of Tokyo, Graduate School of Information Science and Technology Assistant Professor

9.Summary of Research Results

   We have developed a new surgical robotic system with advantages such as image-guided function, multi degree-of- freedom devices with haptic sensation, and extendibility to telesurgery system. We successfully performed swine telorobotic cholecystectomy between Tokyo and Shizuoka where were about 150km distant.
   Minimmaly invasive surgery (MIS) is getting popularity in the world. Patients are thankful to MIS, but MIS put a lot of stress on surgeons. The main reason of this discrepancy between the patients and surgeons is technical difficulty via small hole in surgical procedures. Our primary purpose is to develop a new robotic system to overcome this technical difficulty in MIS.
   The laparoscope manipulator which was one of results of our project was manufactured as 'Naviot' by Hitachi Ltd., and obtained approval from Ministry of Health, Welfare and Labour in Japan.
   We succeeded in pioneering a new research field with which medine and engineering cooperated closely through this project.

10.Key Words
(1)image-guided surgery   (2)robotic surgery   (3)Naviot
(4)telesurgery   (5)master-slave manipulator