Summary of Research Project Results under JSPS FY2002
"Research for the Future Program"

1.Research Institution Tokyo University of Science, Yamaguchi
2.University-Industry Cooperative Research Committee 142nd Committee on Organic Materials Used in Information Science and Industry
3.Term of Project FY 1998 - FY 2002
4.Project Number 98R14201
5.Title of Project Research and Development of Ultra-fast and Ultra-High Contrast Ratio Full color Liquid Crystal Display

6.Project Leader
Name Institution,Department Title of Position
Shunsuke, Kobayashi Tokyo University of Science Yamaguchi, Liquid Crystal Institute Director, Professor

7.Core Members

Name Institution,Department Title of Position
Naoyuki, Koide Tokyo University of Science Yamaguchi, Liquid Crystal Institute Vice Director
Jun, Hatano Tokyo University of Science Yamaguchi, Liquid Crystal Institute Professor
Haruyoshi, Takatsu Dainippon Ink and Chemicals, Incorporated General Manager

8.Summary of Research Results

We took some advantages of the potential features of ferroelectric liquid crystal (FLC) such as fast response speed and wide viewing angle; and we investigated to find solutions to overcome some deficiencies in FLCDs such as appearance of zig-zag defects, domain switching, and binary switching. As results of a series of research, we succeeded in fabricating defect free FLCDs that give rise to a high contrast ratio of 700:1 by conducting a theoretical research and devising surface alignment method; further, by adopting mesogenic polymer stabilization, we also succeeded in fabricating FLCDs exhibiting continuous grayscale and switchability with TFTs such as polymer-stabilized V-mode and Polymer-stabilized H-V-mode FLCDs and also Intrinsic H-V-mode FLCDs with high reliability for temperature cycling test. Using these FLCDs we succeeded in demonstrating color sequential fullcolor LCDs with VGA, HD-TV, and XGA specifications.

9.Key Words
(1)ferroelectric liquid-crystals   (2)Polymer-stabilized FLCDs   (3)PS-V-mode FLCD
(4)PS-H-V-mode FLCD   (5)Color sequential fullcolor LCDs   (6)Defect-free FLCDs