Summary of Research Project Results under JSPS FY2002
"Research for the Future Program"

1.Research Institution Tokyo University of Science
2.University-Industry Cooperative Research Committee 141st Committee on Microbeam Analysis
3.Term of Project FY 1998 - FY 2002
4.Project Number 98R14101
5.Title of Project Development of Analytical Instruments for 3D Atomic Structure Determination of Surface and Interface by Photoelectron Spectro-Holography

6.Project Leader
Name Institution,Department Title of Position
Yoshimasa, Nihei Tokyo University of Science, Faculty of Science and Technology Professor

7.Core Members

Name Institution,Department Title of Position
Chuhei, Oshima Waseda University, School of Science and Engineering Professor
Masanori, Owari The University of Tokyo, Environmental Science Center Professor
Hideshi, Ishii The University of Tokyo, Institute of Industrial Science Research Associate

8.Summary of Research Results

  In order to investigate atomic structure of surfaces and interface we have developed "Photoelectron Spectro-Hologarphy" method and instrument.
1. Instrumentation of the multi-energy high power X-ray source
  This apparatus is equipped with three sets of rotating anodes and mirrors for the Al-Kα (hν=1486.8 eV), Cr-Lα (hν=572.8 eV), Cu-Kα (hν=8047.8 eV) excitation, which intensities are about 1010-11 cps.
2. Development of the high-performance angular resolving photoelectron spectrometer system.
  The novel inputs-lens-system with the diffraction plane aperture realizes high throughputs of the detected electrons even if the angular resolution of 0.04°. High kinetic energy electrons up to 9.5 keV can be also detected with the same angular resolution.
3. Construction of Photoelectron Spectro-Holography Apparatus and Development of the Three-Dimensional Microanalysis System
  (1) Combination of above two apparatus realizes the novel photoelectron spectro-holography apparatus, which are also equipped with MBE and STM .
  (2) Using a focus ion beam and chemical etching by reactive gases, we have been developing the 3D microanalysis for practical surfaces and interfaces.
4. Reconstruction of Atomic Images by Photoelectron Holography
  Using photoelectron holograms effectively, Differential Photoelectron Holography reconstructs more precious atomic image than other photoelectron techniques. We also developed tensor XPED and fluorescence X-ray holography.
5. Applications of Photoelectron Spectro-Holography to model and practical surfaces
  In order elucidate the potential and the validity of "Photoelectron Spectro-Holography" analysis by using this novel instrument, we measured several surfaces and interfaces, such as Zr-O/W(001), h-BN/Ni(111) and Co/Ge(111).

9.Key Words
(1)Photoelectron Spectro-HolographyThin Films   (2)Thin Films   (3)Surface
(4)Interface   (5)Structural Analysis   (6)Differential Photoelectron Holography
(7)High Power X-ray Sources   (8)Diffraction Plane Apertures   (9)High Angular Resolved Measurement