Summary of Research Project Results under JSPS FY2001
"Research for the Future Program"

1.Research Institution Tokai University
2.Research Area Integrated Fields
3.Research Field Tissue Engineering
4.Term of Project FY 1997 〜 FY 2001
5.Project Number 97I00201
6.Title of Project Functional Regeneration by Medical Bioengineering

7.Project Leader
Name Institution,Department Title of Position
Tomomitsu Hotta Tokai University School of Medicine, Department of Medicine Professor

8.Core Members

Names Institution,Department Title of Position
Yutaka Seino Kyoto university, Graduate School of Medicine, Department of Metabolism Professor
Shunnosuke Hannda Tokai UniversitySchool of Medicine, Department of Cardiology Professor
Tsutomu Chiba Kyoto University, Graduate school of Medicine, Department of Gastroenterology Professor

9.Summary of Research Results

 The purpose of this project was to develop of next stem cell-therapies to repair the organ functions in intractable diseases such as hematological malignancies, diabetes mellitus, ischemic heart disease and chronic intestinal inflammation using stem cell system. The stem cell system may provide high-functional, less invasive and lower expensive therapies for aged patients
We develop a novel co-culture culture system in which CD34+ cells were separated by filter membrane from mouse stromal cells as feeder cells. The fold of expansion was estimated by the NOD/SCID mouse repopulating assay. We planned a clinical research to evaluate the safety and efficacy of expanded CD34+ cells. We also developed a culture system for produce CD34+ cells from CD34 negative stem cells.
We established a fat cell line transduced with the insulin gene which responded to the concentration of surrounding sugar level. The cells enclosed in a capsule consisting of immuno-dissecting menbrane were implanted in intraperitoneal cavity of diabetic model mice. The diabetic state of the implanted mice was well controlled for months.
We isolated a cardiomyocyte cell line (CMG) from adult mouse bone marrow using 5-azathytidine which showed self-beating automatically. When the cardiomyocytes were transplanted into ischemic heart tissue, they survived and functioned in the cardiac tissue.
As to the regeneration of intestine, we develop a new drug-delivery system using microsphare to distribute cytokines specifically to small intestine. Using this DDS, we tried to regenerate the MALT tissues of intestine

10.Key Words

(1)Hematopoietic stem cell、(2)Expansion、(3)Pancreatic β-cell
(4)Gene transducion、(5)Insulin gene、(6)NOD/SCID mouse
(7)Bonemarrow Mesenchymal cell、(8)Myocardiocyte、(9)Plasticity