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192nd Committee on Cyber Security

Aims and Goals

Information systems and the Internet now permeate all the nooks and corners of industry, government and society, spawning an urgent need for effective countermeasures to the rapidly increasing cyberattacks that are threatening these vital systems. In this era when various kinds of equipment and devices are connected along with sensors to computer networks, the strengthening of cyber security has become one of the world’s highest priorities.

This Committee examines from both a technological perspective and global governance vantage point the existing structure of global cyber security and strategies for ensuring system and information security within future infrastructures. It works to devise needed R&D strategies for advancing cyber security and mid- to long-term education policies to training personnel in this field. To move these initiatives forward, the Committee is working to establish a collaborative framework among the industrial, academic and governmental sectors.

The Committee seeks achieve the following objectives:

- Clarify technological development items to address new threats to the quickly growing cyber society around the world
- Propose concrete strategies for strengthening cyber security such as bolstering inter-organizational collaboration and devising mechanisms for system control
- Devise concrete policies for training personnel engaged in cyber security in various leading-edge technological fields and in various organizations such as institutions of higher education, government, industry, and public organizations

By advancing research and initiatives in these areas, it should be possible to achieve a safer and more secure operation and development of the cyber infrastructure on a global scale. The results attained will contribute greatly to the healthy globalization of industrial activities in Japan and its partnering countries.

Research Themes

(1) Conduct analyses of information security risks and devise strategies to counter them both within and outside Japan
(2) Identify new technological issues related to globally open systems and devise strategies to address them
(3) Devise R&D strategies for securing information security in Japan and draw a roadmap for advancing related technological development
(4) Devise a mid- to long-term policy for training personnel engaged in the cyber security field
(5) Identify an effective framework for collaboration among the industrial, academic and governmental sectors in combatting cyberattacks

Committee Chairperson

Hidehiko Tanaka
Professor Emeritus
Institute of Information Securit


October 2015 to September 2020 (First term, Five Years)

Membership Composition   (As of Apr.2017)

Academia: 19
Industry: 13
Total membership: 32