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185th Committee on Biomedical optical imaging technologies and their applications

Aims and Goals

Photons are very safe compared to radioisotopes or other high energy imaging agents. However, the difficulty with photons is that they do not move straight within the body, and their route of penetration is not easily solved mathematically. Recently, rapid advances are being made in optical imaging, and the optical technology of Japanese companies and universities is of a high world level. Against this background, faster computing and more-advanced analysis of photon movement will enable the safe and effective imaging of the human body including the brain. The committee is planning to utilize recent research strides in optical cross-section imaging in developing new optical imaging technologies and devices for diagnostic and other clinical applications.

Research Themes

To bolster Japan’s contribution to medical fields that require optical technologies, the Committee is working to make advances in the three areas of (1) basic, (2) applied, and (3) practical research with focus on the following themes.

(1) Basic research (medicine, science, engineering)
- Elucidate the optical properties of various biological structures
- Develop new technologies that improve optical detection
- Create high-speed, high-precision numerical computation techniques for tomographic and other imaging
(2) Applied research (industrial applications)
- Improve existing devices for near-infrared optical topography and other imaging
- Develop prototype devices by applying the new technologies generated via the above basic research
(3) Practical research (clinical medicine, brain science)
- Identify bio-information that can be optically acquired
- Apply the prototype devices developed via the above applied research to humans
- Verify the utility of the optically acquired bio-information in clinical diagnoses

Committee Chairperson

Yoko Hoshi
Hamamatsu University School of Medicine


October 2016 to September 2021 (Second term, Five Years)

Membership Composition   (As of Apr.2017)

Academia: 21
Industry: 8
Total membership: 29