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180th Committee on Risk-Based Plant Management

Aims and Goals

Industrial growth in Japan was based on the large amount of industrial infrastructure that was mainly constructed along the coastal areas of major cities from the 1960s to the early 1970s. Because of increasing industrial competitiveness and environmental problems in recent years, there is a need for this industrial infrastructure to be appropriately maintained and safely operated so that productivity can be increased. However, the issue of personnel cuts, the “year 2007 problem,” and frequent maintenance troubles have been noted at industrial work sites in Japan in recent years. As one solution to these types of issues, the adoption of risk based inspection and maintenance (RBI/RBM), which has been tried in the United States, is being considered. The adoption and promotion of RBI/RBM to create a safe, secure society is an issue that must now be addressed.

There are hopes at this point that risk-based plant management will gain acceptance in Japan and that developing risk-based maintenance systems will contribute to a decrease in accidents. These will not be solely Japanese systems; the goal will be to employ forerunner European and U.S. systems to develop systems suited to Japan’s current situation.

Research Themes

Themes include the following topics requisite to the development of RBI/RBM systems needed for industrial infrastructure suitable for Japan’s current condition
1. Selection of technical issues and related social and environmental problems
2. Proposals for improving the surrounding social environment (regulations, restrictions, laws, responsibilities)
3. New technology proposals
Sensor technologies: Benchmarking proposals and research into technologies to detect the phenomena unique to respective kinds of damage
Monitoring technologies: Research into technologies to enable in-situ and continuous monitoring, benchmarking, and applications
Investigative research into high throughput genetic transformation technologies
4. Actual infrastructure experiments and data gathering based on cooperation with industry
5. Basic research on Japanese-style risk-based management
Creating databases by undertaking analyses of actual Japanese damage factors, such as rates of occurrence, to provide risk index data derived from Japanese industry
6. Construction of platforms to ensure safe, secure industrial infrastructure
Proposing mechanisms to ensure the soundness of industrial infrastructure (phenomenon detection precision through risk-based management, data management systems related to accident data sharing, and other platform models to comprehensively ensure the soundness of infrastructure)
The committee attempts to achieve successes in the themes above through the efforts of its multiple subcommittees—adoption effectiveness review, technical modules, degree of impact from damage, sensing, terminology definition, applications, and damage coefficients—and to make Japanese industry safer and more secure while contributing to decreases in industrial accidents by establishing maintenance technologies and sharing them laterally. The committee also proposes plans for resolving issues related to technology transmission.

Committee Chairperson

Jun'ichi Sakai
Professor Emeritus
Waseda University


April 2012 to March 2017 (Second term, Five years)

Membership Composition   (As of Apr.2017)

Academia: 24
Industry: 15
Total membership: 39

Committee Achievements and Special Activities

2007: Six research conferences (including two invited lectures overseas)

2008: Six research conferences (including two invited lectures overseas)

2009: Four research conferences

2010: Four research conferences (including one invited lecture overseas)

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