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University-Industry Research Cooperation

179th Committee on Photonics Information Systems

Aims and Goals

The investigative research that the committee conducts is part of efforts to develop new photonics information systems that blend and integrate the ultra-high-speed, large capacity, ultra parallel data processing and control that can only be achieved with light with the flexible time series data processing and control of electronic systems, as well as to develop the data infrastructure technology needed to create system architectures for photonics information systems. Further, with the goal of contributing to the achievement of the green innovation and ubiquitous network society that are our country’s IT strategic goals, we are endeavoring to develop technologies to create new systems that blend intelligent and high-performance optical sensing, imaging, and optical input and output technologies that employ photonics with information and communication technologies.

Research Themes

1. Research and development of next-generation photonics information systems from a comprehensive, social systems-oriented standpoint, taking new services and business models into consideration and bearing global needs in mind
2. System architecture creation: research and development of data infrastructure technology—such as the new system creation technologies that will blend the new generation of information and communication technologies with intelligent and high-performance sensing, imaging, and optical input and output technologies that employ photonics—in an effort to contribute to the construction of ubiquitous sensor networks and green innovation

Committee Chairperson

Kentaro Nakamura
Tokyo Institute of Technology


April 2016 to March 2021 (Second term, Five years)

Membership Composition   (As of Apr.2017)

Academia: 41
Industry: 15
Total membership: 56

Committee Achievements and Special Activities

The committee was established in April 2006. Twenty-one research meetings were held during the first term (of which three were public symposia), and four international conferences/symposia were co-sponsored. First-term activities involved the selection of technical issues and investigative research into the applied systems and advanced optical devices required to build the systems that will blend cutting-edge, high-performance optical input and output, sensing and imaging technologies with information and communication networks. These activities are necessary for the development of the new photonics information systems that will contribute to the construction of the ubiquitous sensor networks needed to achieve the ubiquitous network society that is the goal of Japan’s IT strategies. Investigative research was additionally conducted into Japan’s scientific technology innovation efforts and new social systems, including science and technology policies, R&D strategies, technology management strategies, education, and green innovation.

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