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173rd Committee on Switching Power Supply Systems for Coming Era

Aims and Goals

Progress in and popularization of information and communications technology has been remarkable in recent years, as represented by the phrases “IT” and “multimedia communications,” and has had a tremendous impact on social and economic activities. Power systems that supply electric power to access networks and ICT equipment and peripherals are what sustain ICT at the base. To the extent that the importance of information and communication devices increases, higher performance will be demanded of power systems, which function as the heart of these devices.

This committee conducts comprehensive research into devices, circuits, and systems as part of efforts to respond to the higher performance of next-generation switched-mode ICT power supplies (particularly higher efficiency and reliability, energy conservation, and smaller, lighter sizes) and the increasingly higher integration of the semiconductor circuits that make up ICT devices, with the goal of contributing to technological advances in energy for communications and related electronics.

Research Themes

1. Applications for low-voltage, high-current synchronous rectification MOSFETs and high-voltage, high-current SiC and GaN devices
2. High-frequency switching transformers, inductors, and capacitors
3. High energy density, long-life batteries and electrical double layer condensers
4. Circuits and control systems for high-performance and particularly highly efficient switched-mode power supplies
5. Circuit systems that damp switching noise or curtail its emission
6. Effective use of clean energy sources, such as fuel cells and solar cells
7. Technology for higher reliability and lower costs in the DC power supply systems for data centers, homes, factories, etc.
8. Chip package technologies and simulations for the miniaturization of entire systems, including switched-mode power supply modularization and power supply systems-on-a-chip

Committee Chairperson

Takashi Nabeshima
Visiting Professor
Oita University


October 2016 to September 2021 (Fourth term, Five years)

Membership Composition   (As of Apr.2017)

Academia: 37
Industry: 29
Total membership: 66

Committee Achievements and Special Activities

1. The committee was able to clarify technological issues for switched-mode power supplies regarding the effective use of clean energy supplies, such as solar and fuel cells, in next-generation communications devices.

2. The committee set up three working groups—materials and devices, circuits and systems, and the environment and new energy—and put together an organization that encouraged cooperation among the groups.

3. To train young researchers, the committee provided research subsidies of a total of ¥15 million for 21 important research projects.

4. In November 2009, the committee published a performance update (the first edition) summarizing its activities.