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171st Committee on Optical Network System Technology

Aims and Goals

Remarkable scientific and technological progress has contributed to the realization of an affluent lifestyle and the increased longevity of people in society. However, the excessive pursuit of high efficiency has caused social and environmental problems.

From here on, science and technology will be required to effectively use Earth’s finite resources and contribute to human society’s sustainable development. For this, new breakthroughs are needed.

In the midst of this situation, information technology has been extremely influential: globalizing the world, leading to new industries, and not only changing society and the economy, but also opening the door to a new era and the creation of new culture. Optical network systems have formed the basis for this influence.

Against this backdrop, this committee was established to conduct research into the information network infrastructure systems that will support a ubiquitous network society and yield the next generation of optical network system technologies. To achieve these new technologies and systems, joint academia-government-industry research will be conducted that looks at systems, devices, and system applications comprehensively and provocatively.

Research Themes

1. Construction of information network infrastructures for a new era through the creation of competitive optical network systems technologies
2. Research into the impact and role of advanced IT networks on people and society
3. Development of comprehensive system design methods to achieve safe, secure next-generation information network infrastructure
4. Research into and development of forums for new creativity through reciprocal information sharing and academia-industry cooperation on research and development
5. Promotion of interdisciplinary systems research through joint cooperation among device researchers and systems researchers, as well as active interaction with researchers from other fields, such as the humanities and sociology
6. Promotion of the participation of young researchers in strategic systems research projects and the education of network systems personnel
7. Transmission of intellectual property and expertise related to optical network systems technology

Committee Chairperson

Tomohiko Uyematsu
Tokyo Institute of Technology


December 2015 to November 2020 (Fourth term, Five years)

Membership Composition   (As of Apr.2017)

Academia: 28
Industry: 9
Total membership: 37

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