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170th Committee on Redox Life Innovation

Aims and Goals

It has become clear in both basic and applied research that oxidation-reduction reactions in living organisms play a central role that is key in the creation of life, specialization, health, illness, aging, etc.

The committee’s goal is to provide forums for researchers in basic fields who research these oxidation reduction phenomena—which are known as redox and which hold a crucial key to the phenomenon of life on the molecular and elementary reaction levels—and for researchers in applied fields, including clinical medicine and functional foods, as well as industrial technicians, to conduct joint research and exchange information. By doing this, the committee aims to advance basic science, develop technology, and create new industries.

Research Themes

1. Biological messenger systems
Elucidation of how active oxygen species and active nitrogen species transmit the data necessary to maintain life, particularly the expression of related proteins and transcription factors and overall cascade images
2. Disease outbreak mechanisms and basic pharmaceutical science
Elucidation of disease outbreak mechanisms, such as for arteriosclerosis, and basic pharmaceutical research designed to promote the design and development of new medicines and advance drug discovery
3. Functional food science
Investigation of as yet unknown useful properties in natural substances and the elucidation of new redox functions in food as part of efforts to create and develop functional foods

Committee Chairperson

Koji Uchida
The University of Tokyo


January 2015 to December 2019 (Fourth term, Five years)

Membership Composition   (As of Apr.2017)

Academia: 48
Industry: 9
Total membership: 57

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