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University-Industry Cooperative Research Committees

165th Committee on Ultra Integrated Silicon Systems

Aims and Goals

In recent years, rapid progress has been achieved in the ultra-small MOS transistors that form the basis of semiconductor integrated circuit technology, and the committee aims to promote comprehensive research into device and process technologies as well as circuit and system design technologies that are relevant to the super integration of ultra-small MOS transistors and to systems applications.

In particular, the committee brings together the device technicians and circuit and system designers whose discussions were previously held separately to delve into system integration technology from various angles and carry out joint academia-industry research.

Research Themes

1. Design technology for energy-saving, high-speed devices and circuits
2. System LSI-era architectures and design technologies
3. Next-generation devices, new materials, SOI devices, memory technologies, packaging technologies, etc.
4. Wireless multimedia, human interfaces, IC cards, etc.
5. Issues and scenarios for progress in the information society and semiconductor industry from here on

Committee Chairperson

Toshiro Hiramoto
The University of Tokyo


November 2016 to October 2021 (Fifth term, Five years)

Membership Composition   (As of Apr.2017)

Academia: 31
Industry: 13
Total membership: 44