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164th Committee on Genome Technology

Aims and Goals

Thanks to the progress of genome research, the deciphering of the genetic information of various creatures, including Homo sapiens, has dramatically advanced, and it is now an urgent task to develop methodology and institutional systems to link these achievements to life sciences and biotechnology.

The committee aims to establish a technological foundation for science and technology that would link the analysis of human genomes to an extensive range of biosciences while promoting the development of various biosciences through intensive information exchanges and close cooperation among the researchers in the pertinent fields in academia and industry.

Research Themes

1. Research and development of technologies for medico-scientific analysis of genomes and genome analysis

2. Development of environmental and meta-genome analysis and sequence analysis technologies

3. Research into and development of methodologies for bio informatics

Committee Chairperson

Hiroyuki Aburatani
The University of Tokyo


October 2016 to September 2021 (Fifth term, Five years)

Membership Composition   (As of Apr.2017)

Academia: 85
Industry: 48
Total membership: 133

Committee Achievements and Special Activities

September 26, 2006
Kickoff Symposium
Theme: “Bio Strategy to Be Changed by Genome Technology”
(At Laforet Tokyo, attended by about 200 people)

December 5, 2006
21st Study Meeting
Theme: “Practical Aspects of New Sequencers”
(At Zenriren Bldg., attended by 69 people)

June 12, 2007
23rd Study Meeting
Theme: “What Can We Do with Proteome Now?”
(At Sanjo Conference Hall, University of Tokyo; attended by 72 people)

September 7, 2007
24th Study Meeting
Theme: “From Development of Genome and Post-genome Infrastructure
Technology to Health, Security, Safety, and Frontier Medicine”
(At Centennial Hall, Kyushu University School of Medicine; attended by 77 people)

November 27 and 28, 2007
7th International Workshop on Advanced Genomics
Theme: “New Horizon”
(At Tokyo International Forum, attended by about 400 people [350 from Japan and 50 from overseas])

February 28, 2008
25th Study Meeting
Theme: “Synthetic Biology”
(At Mielparque Tokyo, attended by 49 people)

April 22, 2008
26th Study Meeting
Theme: “Genome Science: Latest Information”
(At Sanjo Conference Hall, University of Tokyo; attended by 60 people)

July 22, 2008
27th Study Meeting
Theme: “Toward Sharing of Life Science Data—the Challenge of an Integrated Database Project”
(At Sanjo Conference Hall, University of Tokyo; attended by 60 people)

September 28, 2009
28th Study Meeting (jointly organized with the Japan Society of Human

February 25, 2009
29th Study Meeting
Theme: “Information Processing of Next-Generation Sequencers”
(At Mielparque Tokyo, attended by 70 people)

April 24, 2009
30th Study Meeting
Theme: “Biomarkers”
(At Bioscience Park, Tsuruoka City, Yamagata Prefecture; attended by 55 people)

June 16–18, 2009
8th International Workshop on Advanced Genomics
Theme: “Expansion of Genome Science”
(At National Institute of Informatics, attended by about 400 people)

November 30, 2009
31st Study Meeting
Theme: “Genome Analysis Technology and Changes in ELSI Problems”
(At Mielparque Tokyo, attended by 50 people)

February 6, 2009
32nd Study Meeting
Theme: “Preparations for Formulation of Genetic Examination Guidelines”
(At Tokyo International Forum G602, attended by 30 people)

April 30, 2010
33rd Study Meeting
Theme: “1000 Epigenome”
(At Kazan Conference Center, attended by 200 people)

September 10, 2010
34th Study Meeting
Theme: “Impact of Next-Generation Sequencers”
(At Kazan Conference Center, attended by 130 people)

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